Nick Kalson's web page




Basic science research

My laboratory research work has focussed on collagen fibril assembly.

3D reconstruction of cells in mouse tail tendon

Studies on the development of tendon tissue during embryogenesis aim to translate our understanding of fundamental cell biology into novel therapies for connective tissue disease. My research work was carried out in Prof Karl Kadler's laboratoy in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research at the University of Manchester.

Clinical research

I am interested in all aspects of connective tissue disease and treatment.

MRI image of the human pelvis showing a benign tumour of hip synovial tissue

I have undertaken investigations into the mechanisms of musculoskeletal disease, treatment for musculoskeletal injury, and epidemiology of traumatic injury.

High altitude research

Research aims to understand the response to low oxygen levels.

Jichu Drake in Western Bhutan

High altitude provides a fantasic laboratory for studying the effect of low oxygen levels on the human body. My research work has focussed on response of the circulatory system to low oxygen levels and the genetics of adaptation to high altitude hypoxia. I am a member of the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society and have been on expeditions to Africa, the Andes and the Himalaya.